Over 30 Years of Quality, Safety, and Innovation.

Venshore Mechanical Ltd. was founded in 1987 by Mike Jurcik and Dan Godin. Both men had been in the contracting business for many years. After Mike semi-retired in 1983, it did not take much time for him to start missing the action, and before long, VML was born. Mike's son, and current VML President, John Jurcik recalls, “I was their first employee and started at ‘ground level’ in the tool crib—identifying tools and inventorying equipment back when we had three half-ton trucks and four welding machines.”

Original Office on Northern Ave.VML site construction, 1987. (from left: Mike Jurcik, Betsy Rose, John Jurcik, Dan Godin.)

John was not destined to remain working in the warehouse, and he soon took an apprenticeship as a pipefitter. “I worked all over Northwestern Ontario with VML in mines, papermills, sawmills, and hydro-plants. Whoever said it must be easy being the boss’ kid didn’t know me! I would take on any job, anywhere, and I never settled for just doing one thing - I always wanted more.” In the late 1990s, John found himself back in the office as mechanical superintendent. In 2002, his father and Godin retired (for real this time) and John assumed the position of President.

Original Office on Northern Ave.VML's first office, 1987, 717 N. Vickers St.

Today, VML is the largest industrial contractor and pipe fabrication company in Northwestern Ontario. John explains, “We provide general contracting and pipe fabrication services, as well as industrial trades such as pipefitting, ironworking, boiler and pressure vessels, and millwright services.” As far as clients, VML services the pulp and paper, gas transmission, power generation, and mining industries. John adds, “In addition to piping, our fabrication facility also supplies complete modules for petroleum, chemical, power generation and oxygen/nitrogen plants.”

New Fabrication FacilityVML's 20,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility.